Use only tracks released on 2013.
"Release" means "Sale", "Distribution" or "Publication".
Also, If the track is released on 2013, You can use that track made on before 2012.

The track was made on before 2012 included compilation or best album that is released on 2013. ⇒ OK.
The track was released on before 2012 that is publicised on free download on 2013. ⇒ OK.
Nothing special, The track was released on before 2012 I bought 2013. ⇒ NG.

One MIX can be used 5 tracks. Not more than 5 tracks, Not less than 5 tracks, It's just 5 tracks.

Unify 5 tracks genre.
But detailed classification about genre name causes confusion, And we don't do it in principle().
Please you decide.
Also, The details will be described later, It is necessary that you mention and submit the genre name.
When we check your submission, We will publish it at any time.

In case we judge excessively ganre name in a narrow sense, We may not accept your submission, For example genre name is artist name, Or ganre name created on your own authority.

Mixing style is liberty.
Short span mixing, Long span mixing, Scratching and effective style...Whatever's OK.
But MIX called "Medley style" that switched only track with fade in and fade out is NG.
This project is for DJ.

Finally, Submit MIX for mp3 data.
It does not matter for bitrate.

How decide setlist?

It's free. Selection and construction are real pleasure for DJ!

In case there is other DJ for same genre, Should I do different genre?

If anything, In case it causes using same track between some DJs, It turned out that that track had so attracted.
Therefore we recommend that some DJs submit MIX for same genre.

Can I submit more than one MIX?

Only in case of different genre, We accept submission more than one MIX by one person.
Also, The details will be described later, It is necessary that you create as many setlists.
Detailed classification about genre name...(Omitted.)

Is there relates to the length of DJing career?

Absolutely nothing. Welcome if you're DJ!
※If you wish entry for "XTRAX2013", Please read "XTRAX2013" rules.

Download this text data, And write 4 headings.
After that, Compression created MIX and setlist in one data (.lzh, .zip or .rar), And upload to things like Online Storage.
Finally, Submit download URL.

There are two kinds of how to submission. Using Twitter Direct Message or using webmail.

In case you use Twitter Direct Message, Follow our account @the5trax.
We follow your account immediately, Please send Direct Message written your DJ name and download URL.

In case you use webmail,
※[at] ⇒ @
Please send webmail to above‐mentioned address written your DJ name and download URL.
Write 『5TRAX2013 MIX提出』 (Means: Submission for "5TRAX2013") in subject line.
Also, Don't send mail attached compression data.

When we check your submission, We add DJ name and genre to『【収録】 -TRAX LIST-』 on right at any time.
If there were no add in spite of submitted, A problem may have occurred.
Please contact to us.
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